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5 Benefits of Living Near Good Schools

When looking for a new home for your family, what do you consider first? Is it the rental rate or the price of the property? Or perhaps, it’s the interior design and layout of the rooms and spaces?


All these things are important when house hunting in Dubai. But do you know what else is crucial? The property’s location.


Where your home is located affects many things, like your home security and access to different amenities. More importantly, it determines the proximity of your home to the places you frequent.


Besides your workplace, living near the top schools in Dubai can prove to be quite beneficial, especially for a growing family like yours. Want to know why? Here are the five advantages you can expect from finding a home located near good schools in Dubai:


1. Convenience


When you live close to your children’s school, you get to do more things for them.


You can volunteer at the school to chaperone the kids for outdoor events or attend school activities like meetings and plays, even on short notice. You can also swing by to bring them lunch without taking too much time out of your usual day-to-day schedule.


In other words, having your children’s school nearby is very convenient indeed.


2. Safety and emergency access


Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world, so there’s really nothing for you to worry about in that aspect. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to go the extra mile, especially when it comes to your children’s safety, and living near good schools is one way you can do just that.


Laws and rules surrounding school zones exist to ensure that the area is much safer than other places. Aside from imposing lower speed limits, there are higher penalties for speeding in these areas so people are generally less likely to attempt to circumvent the law even in nearby places.


Plus, you’ll also be able to reach the school faster during emergencies. Knowing that you’re nearby should any untoward incident involving your child occur can give you added peace of mind.


3. Enhanced property value


Properties in areas surrounding a school, especially one that’s internationally recognised, also typically command higher market values than those located farther away. Besides safety, the shorter commute, and the convenience of living in a location close to reputable schools, such areas attract high-net-worth families looking for convenient access to quality educational institutions for their kids.


And while some properties cost more because of the amenities nearby, the higher price they command also translates into a return on investment in a short period of time. This will allow you to recoup your investment faster (plus some profit) in case you do decide to sell your property.


4. Better access to amenities


Almost all school guides emphasise the importance of staying on top of all the essential school supplies kids need for the next academic year. But most of the time, students – and even their parents – end up pushing the preparations to the last minute up to a point where they end up missing a few items on the list.


When you live in a place near good schools like Dubai Festival City, you most likely have access to other amenities that could save the day should you need to buy school supplies in a rush. This could be a mall, for instance. In this case, that would be Dubai Festival City Mall.  


Complete with bookstores and other shops, the Dubai Festival City Mall offers a quick solution to your last-minute back-to-school shopping needs, as well as child-friendly entertainment options should you decide to live in Dubai Festival City.


5. Savings on travel time and costs


Whether you drive your kids to school or pay for the school bus to take them back and forth, the cost of transportation can add up throughout the academic year. Because of this, it’s much more sensible to look for a home nearby.


Of course, opting to live near your kids’ school is not just about the savings. Another obvious and practical perk of this is being able to reduce the travel time going back and forth to the school.


This will help minimise incidences of tardiness, not to mention it can help make managing time easier when the kids had late-night study sessions and only had a very short time to prepare for the next school day.


The short distance between your home and your kids’ school also spares you the stress of rushing through traffic at peak hours. The same ease of travel goes for your way back home.


Most importantly, not getting stuck in traffic leaves you with more time to relax and quality time with the whole family.


Learn and Live in Dubai Festival City


When searching for the perfect neighbourhood, ask yourself: “Does it have a good school for my children?”


Apartments in Dubai Festival City give you access to two excellent international schools: the Universal American School and the Deira International School. 


Consider living here and experience the benefits of having a neighbourhood tailored to your family’s needs. 


Please get in touch with us if you want more details or have any questions about living in Dubai Festival City.