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Welcome the Weekend With These Fun Activities in Dubai Festival City

As one of the premier residential and commercial communities in Dubai, Dubai Festival City has a lot to offer to residents and visitors.


Its numerous residential and commercial properties give people looking for a new home or business premises a variety of options, ensuring they find the perfect space that meets all their requirements.


And since Dubai Festival City covers around 2.5 million square feet of land beside the Dubai Creek, the community also has plenty of leisure and recreational activities to offer to both residents and visitors.


Best Weekend Activities to Do in Dubai Festival City

If you are wondering what the best things to do in Dubai Festival City during the weekends are, read on:


1.    Enjoy a variety of family activities.

Dubai Festival City is home to an amenity-filled, family-friendly sports club in Dubai.

Al Areesh Club is Dubai Festival City’s premium health club. It houses swimming pools, multipurpose and hard courts, a fully equipped gym, and an aerobics studio.


These facilities allow you and your families to go for a swim, relax by the pool, play tennis or badminton, and engage in other sports and activities that everyone can enjoy. Al Areesh Club also has a children’s playground, giving your little ones a place where they can play and horse around. The club boasts landscaped gardens, allowing you and your companion to relax and de-stress in the green and calming surroundings.What’s more, it has restaurants and cafes where you and your family can indulge in a great meal or snack.


All these amenities make Al Areesh Club the perfect setting for planned and sudden gatherings with your family or friends during the weekend. 


2.    Go on dhow rides.

If you and your family or friends want to do something relaxing on the weekend, head to Dubai Creek, which is only a stone’s throw away from Dubai Festival City.


Here, you will find a variety of dhows that you can ride for a relaxing activity on the creek. Whether you and your companions want to ride a traditional dhow or something bigger to enjoy a luxurious ride across the creek, you can experience them here. While traversing the Dubai Creek, you and your companions will be delighted by the clear water and fascinating marine life you can see from the dhow. You will also have unimpeded views of Dubai’s amazing panoramas.


If you booked a sunset cruise, you and your family or friends can take in the magnificent views of Dubai as the day turns to night while enjoying a great meal aboard the dhow.


3.    Watch a movie.

Another relaxing activity you can do during the weekend in Dubai Festival City is to see a movie.


Dubai Festival City Mall is home to Novo Cinemas, one of the well-known luxury movie theatres in Dubai. It has 18 theatres, including the only IMAX screen and MX4D theatre in the emirate. Novo Cinemas feature the latest Hollywood and Bollywood films. New movies are shown here every week. The snack bar also serves all-time classic treats that everyone loves to munch on and drink while watching a movie.


Novo Cinemas has a private VIP lounge as well. It features luxurious reclining leather seats with pillows and a gourmet dining menu. Regardless of what you order, a waitstaff will serve it to you, allowing you to enjoy the movie without missing a single scene.


4.    Indulge in great eats.

Dubai Festival City and its epicentre, Dubai Festival City Mall, have numerous dining establishments that you shouldn’t miss out on.


If you want to go on a food crawl or simply reward yourself with your favourite treats, you will satisfy your cravings and tummy with the variety of food offerings you can find in Dubai Festival City. There are dozens of restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and other dining establishments offering specialty food and sweets in and around Dubai Festival City and Dubai Festival City Mall.


These different dining establishments offer a variety of cuisines, including Arabic, American, Chinese, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, and Thai, among others.


From fast food and casual to family-style and high-end dining, you can find them all at Dubai Festival City.


5.    Hang out at Festival Bay.

If you want to treat yourself to different eats and enjoy various activities at the same time, head to Festival Bay.


Festival Bay is Dubai Festival City Mall’s outdoor dining and entertainment area. It is located on the mall’s waterfront overlooking Dubai Creek. Festival Bay is home to some of the city’s top restaurants, cafes, and bars, including Chili’s, Eataly, The Cheesecake Factory, and the Hard Rock Café, the only one in Dubai.


During the day, the fountains in Festival Bay offer a refreshing respite to children who want to play and get drenched in the water feature. At night, make sure you can get a great view of Festival Bay’s nightly highlight: IMAGINE, an immersive, multisensory laser, light, and water show.


IMAGINE is a record-holder show featuring dancing water fountains, stunning light and sound effects, and spectacular pyrotechnics. The show starts at seven in the evening and takes place every hour until midnight. You can watch IMAGINE while having dinner at one of the restaurants in Festival Bay. You won’t regret staying around for hours since there is a different show and theme every hour.


If you are looking for apartments for rent in Dubai, you won’t go wrong with living in Dubai Festival City to have access to these fun activities. And even if you’re not staying here, visit Dubai Festival City anytime, not just on the weekends, if you want to relax or have fun.


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