Cruising in Dubai Creek

Cruising in Dubai Creek

How do you combine a sightseeing trip in one of the most modern and innovative cities in the world, yet still retain that sense of tradition? The answer is simple – a Dubai Creek cruise on a dhow.

A Dubai cruise takes in all the magnificence of the city’s glittering skyline, but lets you enjoy it at a much more sedate pace. That slowed-down sensation you’ll get on a Dubai boat tour along the Creek and past iconic developments such as Dubai Festival City and the Heritage Village is a real demonstration of how Dubai encompasses both ancient and modern within one dynamic city.

What kind of boats are used for Dubai boat tours?

The majority of Dubai creek cruises use luxury cruise boats that are based on the traditional Arabic dhow. These ancient sailing ships once plied their trade up and down the coastlines of the Arabian Gulf, with smaller versions used as fishing and pearl-diving boats. You’ll be able to spot a traditional dhow by its distinctive bow and decorative patterns. They’re spacious, comfortable, and provide guests with an experience that’s unforgettable.

Night time Dubai creek cruises 

If you want to get the real wow factor, choose a night time dhow cruise down Dubai Creek. This will give you a chance to see this incredible skyline in all its glory, with the bright lights of the city reflected on the water. Cruise past Dubai Festival City and its luxury apartment blocks or include a dinner with someone special to mark an anniversary or a celebration, with a truly stunning backdrop.

Learn more about the history of Dubai
A Dubai boat tour down Dubai Creek will take you past the Bur Dubai Creek, which was home to the Baniyas settlers, who were the first settlers in this part of the region. A guided tour of the creek will allow you to learn more about the history of the city, and its origins as an important trading port for everything from spices to the pearls that were a vital part of commerce in the region for centuries.

Thinking of moving to Dubai?
If you’re planning to move to Dubai and want to get an overall feel for the city, then a cruise from Dubai along the creek and past residential developments such as the Dubai Festival City will give you a unique insight into life here. From a Dubai cruise, you can see how living right in the heart of the city means you don’t have to compromise on things such as access to green spaces or the beach, as Dubai Festival City has been designed specifically with these things in mind. Take a cruise that stops off at Dubai Festival City and you can hop off the cruise, have a look around, then hop back on and drift gently down the creek while you mull over your decision.

A cruise in Dubai is not just reserved for visitors and tourists – you’ll find that it’s a popular pastime for the locals as well, who love this tranquil, unique attraction. From modern cruise vessels where you can watch the incredible IMAGINE light show   through a glass roof, to dhows that embrace that traditional side of Dubai life, a cruise down Dubai Creek is perfect if you need to pause, reflect, and enjoy the uniqueness of Dubai’s ever-changing skyline.