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IMAGINE: A spellbinding experience

IMAGINE: A spellbinding experience

Where else in the world can you see one of the finest displays of music and natural elements with a 21st-century city backdrop, while dining with friends? Water, fire, music, and light combine to enchant onlookers at the record-breaking, breathtaking, Dubai fountain show at Festival City. Called ‘IMAGINE’, this huge, free, spectacle entertains and amazes all ages and is one of the greatest shows in Dubai. In fact, this dazzling display is now regarded as a real ‘bucket list’ must-see – are you ready to tick it off your list?

Why you should see this light and water show
If you do one thing when you’re in Dubai, make sure it’s visiting the fountain show at Dubai Festival City. To say that it’s special is a bit of an understatement – you’ll remember those dancing fountains and glittering lights whenever you think of Dubai.
There are lots of reasons why IMAGINE tops the list of things to see and do in Dubai, including: 
•    It holds a Guinness Book of World Records title as the largest water screen projection in the world
•    It’s also the largest permanent projection mapping in the world
•    There are 30 dancing water fountains including a giant geyser shooting columns of water and fire up into the sky
•    A vivid palette of coloured lights and pyrotechnics dazzles onlookers
•    Advanced laser displays light up the surrounding skyscrapers
•    Special effects enthral visitors
•    The show retells various moving stories, many of which are rooted in Arabic traditional folklore
•    A surround-sound system, playing an accompanying track of pop and rock music, makes it an immersive experience for  all the senses.
•    Millions of visitors have enjoyed the show since it opened, with many returning regularly to see it again.

Where is the best place to see the Dubai Festival City Light Show?
This stunning Dubai laser show takes place in the bay area of the Festival City Mall. There’s space for 12,000 onlookers and the light display is colossal, so you can be sure to get a great view wherever you stand or sit. 
Our tips:
•    Make sure you can see the InterContinental Dubai Festival City Hotel so you can enjoy the screen projection at its best. It’s an area the equivalent of five IMAX screens, so you can’t really miss it!
•    If you’re feeling peckish, you can watch the show as you dine at a choice of restaurant terraces, including The Cheesecake Factory and Eataly.

When it is on?
Shows take place several times an evening on weekends and weekdays. Each show lasts around 10 minutes. 

Where do I get a ticket?
You don’t need a ticket and the show is open to all.  Just go along and enjoy it for free!

Dubai Festival City Light Show: A memorable experience
Anyone living in Dubai or visiting the city knows they can expect the very best of everything, including entertainment on a grand scale. And that’s exactly what you get when you watch this state-of-the-art show, which fuses science, technology, and art to create something that’s genuinely spectacular. Whether you’re planning a shopping trip to the mall or are making a special visit to the city, make sure you’re by the waterside when the show starts!